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Diferro Calenders
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Piece & Roll to Roll Sublimation
Calender Press

The DL Series sublimation calender press is a specially designed sublimation calender press machine for roll-to-roll transfer printing applications. It is available in two different drum widths: a fixed Ø200mm main drum diameter and 1300/1700mm drum width options. This sublimation calender press machine operates solely on electricity, eliminating the need for an air compressor, making it an ideal option for boutique businesses and companies looking to produce their own products and get started with sublimation printing. With this calender press, you will be able to print roll fabrics, and piece fabrics in just one machine. 

The DL Series sublimation calender press utilizes the latest technologies to produce high-quality transfer prints and is favored by boutique businesses and other users due to its user-friendly interface. This calender press can be used to produce a wide range of products, including jerseys, sportswear, scarves, promotional materials, and more, and it is suitable for use in general transfer printing applications as well as other thermal processes. 

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