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Diferro Calenders
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Sublimation Calender Press for
Ribbons & Narrow Fabrics

DR Series ribbon and narrow fabric sublimation calender press is the perfect option for the production of ribbons and striped fabrics. Able to produce Impeccable vibrant prints on to rubber, ribbon, grosgrain, belt lining and bed sideband amongst many other narrow tape width materials. Areas of use include home textile, advertisement labelling, underwear, lanyards and multi-use decorative ribbon based applications.

Key Features Of DR Series Ribbon And Narrow Fabric Sublimation Calender Press

  • 320mm Drum Size: 320mm drum enables you to get more work done ins shorter time, with low heating and cooling down times.  
  • Two Different Width Options: Tailoring to your needs, the DR Series ribbon and narrow fabric sublimation calender press comes with two different width options, including 500mm and 700mm.
  • Rear Stripe Distribution Unit: The rear stripe distribution unit ensures that the fabric Is on place and prevents unwanted printing results. 
  • Touch Screen Panel: Our user-friendly touch screen panel simplifies operation, giving you precise control at your fingertips. Adjust settings, monitor progress, and fine-tune your printing process with ease.
  • Weekly Programming Automation: The DR Series offers a convenient and efficient solution with its weekly programming automation. Plan and schedule your print jobs for the week ahead, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

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