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Diferro Calenders
Address:Sinpaş İş Modern 2. Kısım, A Blok No:17

Heat Transfer Press

Diferro “Dynamic” heat transfer press machine provide excellent heat distribution and offer dependable performance within your business. Left and Right movement is enabled by a timing belt pulley and the flawless design requires a reduced amount of compressed air during operation. Our two-plate system increases output and reduces production time, furthermore the plates are easy to detach and replaceable with a variety of alternative plate dimensions. Preparation of one plate for sublimation is possible whilst the other plate is busy pressing.

The Dynamic heat transfer press series are equipped with 3 different digital thermostats to maintain stable temperature control, additionally both time and the high pneumatic pressure are also adjustable digitally enabling precise control for all applications. Dynamic Series are also equipped with digital counters that keep track of production volumes and work rate. Plates are positioned in working height standards Dynamic Series press machines comply with CE safety standards.

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