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Diferro Calenders
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Diferro Calenders
Address:Sinpaş İş Modern 2. Kısım, A Blok No:17

About Diferro CalendersWe work for the textile industry since 1985

Learn more about Diferro here. Diferro entered the market as a manufacturer of transfer presses, irons, and steam boilers. By recognizing the needs of the textile industry with its transfer printing machines production, Diferro rapidly increased its production and shifted towards automation.

In 2009, Diferro registered the name “Diferro Calenders” and aimed to be a pioneer in the calender and transfer printing machines, first in Turkey and then in the world. The company adopted quality production, quality materials, and qualified workforce as its principles.

With a strong emphasis on trust, quality, and fast delivery, Diferro has elevated customer satisfaction by striving to enhance the factors of appearance, functionality, ease of use, durability, and longevity in the machines it produces.

With its young, dynamic, experienced and enthusiastic workforce, Diferro aims to produce machines that meet the needs and demands of its customers, prioritizing product quality and customer satisfaction in its operations. With over 15 distributors in various countries around the world and a growing distribution network, Diferro exports its products to more than 50 countries.


  • To become one of the pioneers of the industry with our advanced applications and designs
  • To dominate international markets
  • To reduce the cost of energy and process as well as to increase the production rate
  • To aim high efficiency by planning and taking necessary steps
  • To improve staff development with regular training activities
  • To gain pleasant customers by enhancing customer satisfaction

As Diferro, we act in accordance with international law and ethical rules, based on mutual trust, and prioritize the interests of both Diferro and our partners while striving to meet their expectations.

With a goal of excellence, we continuously seek higher quality and implement globally accepted methods and initiatives to enhance our competitiveness.

Our aim is to set an example for those who wish to follow our steps in the industry.

About Diferro CalendersOur commitment to quality

Diferro Calenders operates by following the latest technological advancements, producing reliable and user-friendly machines, and providing after-sales services with the aim of offering customers the best experience.

The quality ethos is based on “customer satisfaction”, and the company’s goal is to produce machines that meet international standards, customer needs, and technical requirements.


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