Sinpaş İş Modern 2. Kısım, A Blok No:17
Diferro Calenders
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Diferro Calenders
Address:Sinpaş İş Modern 2. Kısım, A Blok No:17

- Our Machine Range

As Diferro, we are a leading manufacturer in the textile industry, specialized in producing a range of cutting-edge machinery designed to enhance textile production processes. Our product range includes calendar presses, embossing machines, heat presses, and laminating machines.

These versatile and technologically advanced machines are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the textile industry. Calendar presses ensure precise fabric finishing, embossing machines add intricate designs and textures, heat presses enable efficient heat transfer processes, and laminating machines enhance fabric durability and quality.

Our commitment to innovation and quality makes their machinery an indispensable asset for textile professionals seeking to elevate their production standards and achieve outstanding results.