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Diferro Calenders
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Piece & Roll to Roll Sublimation
Calender Press

If you’re searching for an industrial-grade textile sublimation calender press that’s tailored for large-scale textile printing shops, look no further than the Diferro DP Series. Designed to meet the demands of mass production, this series represents the pinnacle of precision and efficiency.

Key Features Of DP Series Sublimation Calender Press

  • Versatile Drum Options: The DP Series offers a range of drum diameters, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your specific requirements. Whether you need a 400mm, 600mm, or 1000mm drum, Diferro has you covered.
  • Variable Widths: Tailoring to your needs, the DP Series comes with an array of width options, including 1900mm, 2200mm, 2600mm, and 3300mm. This versatility ensures that your large-scale projects can be accomplished with ease and flexibility.
  • Glass Table for Versatility: The inclusion of a glass table sets the DP Series apart. It enables not only roll fabric printing but also piece fabric printing, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of textile applications.
  • Touch Screen Panel: Our user-friendly touch screen panel simplifies operation, giving you precise control at your fingertips. Adjust settings, monitor progress, and fine-tune your printing process with ease.
  • Weekly Programming Automation: The DP Series offers a convenient and efficient solution with its weekly programming automation. Plan and schedule your print jobs for the week ahead, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Why Choose the DP Series Sublimation Calender Press:

With the Diferro DP Series sublimation calender press, you’re not just investing in a sublimation calender press; you’re investing in the future of your textile production. This industrial workhorse is engineered to provide consistent, high-quality results on a grand scale. It’s the go-to choice for textile printing shops with mass production needs.

Join the ranks of industry leaders who trust Diferro for their large-scale textile printing requirements. Explore the DP Series sublimation calender press and discover the power of precision, flexibility, and efficiency in one formidable machine. Elevate your textile printing to new heights with Diferro’s DP Series – where precision and power converge.

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